ARPAD MIKLOS, 1967-2013

On Sunday, February 10, a public memorial for popular adult film star and rentboy Arpad Miklos took place at the quintessential Chelsea nightspot G Lounge.  Miklos, whose birth name was Peter Kozma, was born in Hungary and lived in New York City.  He was found dead in his apartment on February 3rd.  There was a suicide note, but any motivations for the sex symbol ending his own life remain a mystery at this time.  Miklos was 45.

Arpad Miklos appeared in approximately 60 X-rated movies between 1995 and 2010, with titles that included “Hungary For Men”, “The Vampires of Budapest”, “Crotch Rocket”, “Folsom Leather”, ” Black ‘N’ Blue”,”Buckleroos: Part I”, and “Fire Island Cruising 6”. Muscular, hairy, and 6’2″, for many of his admirers, he represented masculinity in its most raw and carnal form.  Miklos was a bona fide Bear icon.  In addition to his adult film and escort work, for which he won several awards through the years, the star gained mainstream exposure when he appeared in Seattle singer-songwriter Perfume Genius’ music video for “Hood.”

Arpad Miklos exuded an imposing sense of dominant sexuality and was unapologetic about his work as a porn star and escort.  Yet, those who knew him personally unanimously concur that he was very amiable, had a great sense of humor, and was both grateful for and accommodating to his fans– often posing for photos or giving autographs.  He was a supporter of GLBTQ causes in his adopted hometown of New York City, and was revealed by his friends to be a big animal lover as well.  His public memorial was populated by many movers and shakers of New York City nightlife.

Sadly, Miklos is no longer with us.  But his videos, photographs, and many positive memories survive.  RIP, Arpad Miklos.









Photo 1: Rob Donadio & Joe Aiello
Photo 2: Gustavo Monroy & Rob Ordonez
Photo 3: Will Clark (rt), Gustavo Monroy (center), & friend
Photo 4: Darrell Perry & friend
Photo 5: friends of Arpad
Photo 6: Eric Alan
Photo 7: Rob Ordonez & Geary Marcello
Photo 8: Jonny & JJ Mack



  1. Depuis le 3 février 2013, je suis inconsolable !!
    J'ai perdu mon idole, mon icône de mâle viril et tendre.
    Jusqu'à la fin de ma vie je me souviendrai d'Arpad.



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