“IN BED WITH JED” Episode 2: In Bed With Jed and Jevon Martin!

jevon-martinSome community leaders can expertly teach us about how we can protest and speak out against injustice and brutality, yet also stay safe in the process. Jevon Martin is one of those community leaders. He is Founder and CEO of Princess Janae Place, which has been serving the community since 2015. Princess Janae Place is a referral organization for TLGBQI+ services with emphasis on the trans homeless population. Those services include medical, legal, mental health, and recreational services. Princess Janae was a performer and activist who I had the pleasure of meeting way back in 2001! For over 20 years, Jevon Martin has been a mentor, educator, advocate and a house father in the Ballroom Community. His strongest focus has been fighting homelessness within the TLGBQI+ population. Please watch as Jevon joins me in bed for an important and fun discussion! Visit http://www.PrincessJanaePlace.org and http://www.JevonMartin.com for more.

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