“In Bed With Jed” Episode 8: In Bed With Jed and Evan Laurence!

evan2 Evan Laurence is truly a man for all seasons! He’s a self described “singer/musician/milliner/designer/lover of what makes us unique”. He’s also a creator of variety shows, where this talented Jersey City-ite always assembles a fantastic roster of equally talented personalities from the worlds of music, comedy, burlesque, and drag. In the spirit of any seasoned performer, Evan knows that the show must go on. Until it can be live again, the show goes on… on Zoom!

In Episode 8 of Lavender After Dark’s “In Bed With Jed”, Evan and Jed Ryan talk about life during lockdown, Evan’s Zoom variety series, and much more.  We also get answers to some probing questions… such as “Is Jersey City really the sixth borough?!”


Laurence’s next show will be Friday, July 24th on Zoom at 8PM EST.

evanWatch the end credits of the video to find out how to hook up with the phenomenal Mr. Laurence!


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