“In Bed With Jed” Season 1 Finale: Jed Meets The Undies Bear!

Bears + Underwear= WOW!!! Lavender After Dark presents the Season Finale of “In Bed With Jed”, where Jed Ryan gets into bed with California native David Taylor. The woofy Taylor is the creator of the enormously popular Instagram page Bears In Undies (Instagram @Bears.In.Undies). Bears In Undies allows followers all over the world to post their own underwear selfies on a regular basis, giving a shoutout to the brands who offer options for bigger guys. (FYI, not all of them do!) In addition to offering a seemingly endless parade of eye candy to its Bear-loving followers, Bears In Undies celebrates body positivity– showing that sexiness comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors. Join myself and the self-proclaimed “Undies Bear” we talk about all things underwear, including some of our favorite brands! At the time of the original YouTube premiere in July, Bears In Undies had over 7000 followers. As we approach the end of September, the page now has over 8000. That’s a LOT of hirsute hotness! Enjoy!

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