Paul Jabara is known for creating some of our most beloved pop songs, but he was also a singer and actor in his own right. UMe has announced the release of Jabara’s Shut Out and Keeping Time for the first time digitally on September 30, 2022. Originally released on the renowned Casablanca Records label, each album will be expanded to include special bonus tracks, remixes and single versions. Jabara was behind such transgenerational hits as Last Dance, as recorded by Donna Summer; No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), a duet by Summer and Barbra Streisand; and 1982’s It’s Raining Men as popularized by The Weather Girls and co-written with Paul Shaffer. Jabara released three albums with Casablanca, including the aptly titled The Third Album, currently available at all platforms. To celebrate the release of the music in digital format as well as an upcoming biography of Jabara to be published by Wordeee in 2023, Rey Roldan and Patrice Samara hosted a 30th Anniversary Tribute at the Renaissance New York Times Square. The event included an eye-popping treasure trove of personal Jabara memorabilia; live performances of It’s Raining Men and Last Dance; and heartfelt anecdotes from Jabara’s family and friends. Speakers included Jabara’s nephew Henry Hadad; orchestral conductor/musicologist/researcher/recording artist Dario Salvi, who is currently writing a biography of Jabara with his wife Hannah Salvi, a musician, producer, and publicist; Kim Sledge, original member of Sister Sledge; and singer/actor/composer/multi-instrumentalist Paul Shaffer.


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