Get ready to see Levi without his Levis.  The 19-year old native of Wasilla, Alaska (Population:10,265, seven of which are Palins…  ) became a household name when he came out as the father of Sarah Palin’s teen daughter Bristol.  At the 2008 Republican National Convention, the young lovers served as such a cute model of Republican “Do what we say (abstain), not what we do (have unprotected sex)” politics.  But by March 2009, Johnston had called off his engagement to Bristol, was dissing his would-be mother-in-law (which is so much fun, and so easy to do lately!), and started thinking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. But what can a high school dropout and unwed teen father do?  Turn to showbiz, of course!  Rumors of modeling, a reality TV show, and a book deal surfaced.  And the wannabe star has indeed put himself out there: he posed shirtless with baby for “GQ”, appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, and got himself a manager named Tank Jones (Wasn’t that a 1970’s gay porn star?).  But the latest gossip, according to Gawker.com’s Brian Moylan, states that Daniel Nardicio, self-proclaimed “gay marketing consultant” for “Playgirl” magazine and well-known New York City man-about-town, reached out to Johnston to appear in the popular mag for gay men– uh I mean, for women.  Levi’s lawyer Rex Butler (Wasn’t he a 1970’s gay porn star too?) confirmed, “There are people out there that want to see such a shoot of Levi and we are ready to do it if the proposal is right.” Reportedly,a deal was reached, and it’s a go.  The next question seems to be, just how much skin will Levi show?  And, “Playgirl” isn’t the only one offering Levi money to peel off his thermal undies.  The gay skin mag “Unzipped” reportedly offered an undisclosed sum to see Levi’s hockey stick. Another site, LeviNaked.com, is boldly offering the teen breeder  $25,000 for a “solo jerkoff video” on their website StraightCollegeMen.com.  $25,000?  That’s a lot of hockey pucks.  No word yet from conservative centerfold Sarah Palin on her would-be son-in-law’s latest naked ambition… 

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