Lovers of celebrity skin who are waiting to see Levi Johnston in the buff apparently won’t have to wait very long.  According to Daniel Nardicio, Marketing Director for “Playgirl” and gay nightlife guru, the shoot is set for early November: “They said ‘yes’, the contracts are there, and the ball’s in his court.” Nardicio is excited about the upcoming shoot, telling Dish Miss’ Jed Ryan, “He’s a great ‘get’!  People want to see him.  He’s an all-American, a jock, a good kid.”  The infamous NYC party boy adds, “‘Playgirl’ attracts a lot of models that wouldn’t pose for magazines like… say, ‘Honcho’.  Levi wouldn’t pose for ‘Honcho’!” (That’s too bad!…) 

On People.com, Elaine Aradillas reports that the 19-year old aspiring celebrity is working with a trainer named Marvin Jones in Anchorage, Alaska.  His six-day-a-week regimen includes working out three hours a day in the gym, followed by cardio training and then a rest in the sauna.  In addition, he’s reportedly following a low-carb, high-protein diet which includes… moose meat.  (I’ll stick with protein shakes, thank you…)  Will the boy who was almost Sarah Palin’s son-in-law revive interest in the landmark penis publication, which for 35 years marketed itself as “Entertainment for Women”? (Insert smirk here.)  Nardicio says, “Since the magazine folded (The January/February 2009 mag was the last print issue.), a lot of people were not aware that ‘Playgirl’ is thriving online, plus it’s in people’s homes on Playgirl TV.  But lately, people actually have a renewed interest in the magazine.”  There’s talk of a “Special Edition” print version of “Playgirl” which will likely feature a Levi interview and exclusive photos.  What does Daniel think about Levi’s pistachio nut commercial, currently making the rounds on TV?  “I love it!  It’s great!  He seems like a really good kid.  He’s got a good sense of humor.”
The question on everyone’s mind and crotch is: How much Levi will we get to see come November?  Nardicio tells me, “We have a baseline set, and then it’s up to Levi where we’ll go from there…”  So, it looks like all us voyeurs will just have to wait and see whether Mr. Johnston’s much-hyped “Playgirl” adventure will be “The Big Tease” or “The Full Monty”.  In the meantime, we’ll just have to be content with Levi jiggling his nuts around as part of Wonderful Pistachio’s “Get Crackin’” campaign…

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