It’s hard to take your eyes away from the truly stunning cover photography of “The Time Is Now”, the new album by New York City nightlife star Farrad.  However, the listener will soon discover that Farrad’s sound and delivery–complete with lots of drama, attitude, and sexuality– is even more intense than the eye-popping photos. This is club music with a hard edge, presented by an artist who’s in total control of his unique persona. In addition to singing, Farrad has also performed with New York City’s notorious counterculture tribe The Dazzle Dancers.

     The opening track, “Misunderstood”, features a deep house/tribal beat and a brooding, serpentine rhythm running throughout.  As Farrad declares, “I’m not apologizing for the fact that I’m mis-un-der-stood!”, he’s ushering in a new breed of nightlife anthem. (A truly ecstatic, infectious dance remix by JJ Appleton, featuring rock guitar, is included later on in the CD.)  Next up is the high-spirited dance/pop track “The Way U Do”, which juxtaposes a European-flavored melody with some cheeky, self-indulgent fifties-era street talk (references to jukeboxes, soda shops, and… “going steady”!)  Farrad hits some impressive notes for this one.  “Pick Your Face Up Off the Floor” features a hard-edged, darkly industrial beat and some high-tech electronic touches with intense, commanding vocals. In what should rightfully become a late night club staple, one of the highlights of “The Time is Now” is “Praise 2 The DJ”, which combines pounding, deep house beats with powerful yet soulful vocals by the singer.  And check out these lyrics:  .
“I worship at the Church of love,
Service is held at the club;
The congregation consists of all types,
that get the spirit when the music’s tight!…”  

Nightclubbing as a spiritual experience? With Farrad as your prophet, absolutely! The song climaxes with a “Hallelujah for the DJ!”— Farrad’s shoutout to our unsung heroes of clubland.  The adrenaline-infused “Twisted”, true to its name, feat some frenetic vocal and musical acrobatics.  It’s the equivalent of an all-out Farrad free-for-all, committed to disc.  “Keep Your Head Up” blends smooth grooves, a scintillating rhythm, and a street-smart beat… with some genuinely empathetic lyrics and passionate insight about life in the urban jungle:
“My brothers and my sisters, It’s up to you to grab the crown;
Change is finally upon us… And the time is now!
I said I’m calling on my people: We cannot hustle to achieve;
If we dream it we can do it, but we gotta remain strong and must believe!”

It’s the song “Destiny”, however, that may be Farrad’s calling card on “The Time is Now”.  With minimal musical adornment, the track is the album’s prime display of this artist’s voice– and for this one, he sounds exceptionally soulful and strong, with sharp delivery and seemingly no distance at all between the singer and the audience.   Whether he is layering his diverse vocal styles together within the same track, seductively rapping on “Do It Baby”, or commanding his listeners to “Come together in love!” on “Praise 2 The DJ”, Farrad always delivers a “take-no-prisoners” attitude.  You WILL surrender!

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