Here’s a challenge: Ask 10 different guys “What makes you a man?”  After a lot of fumbling around for a response, you may get up to 10 different answers.  But I guarantee that at least one guy will say, “I’m a man because… I have a penis!”  Meet Buck Angel, who is an adult film star as well as a producer and director.  He performs with both men and women, although his films with men have proven to be more popular.  His movie “More Bang for Your Buck 2” was nominated for two Adult Video News 2009 Awards and a Gay Video News 2009 Award.  He’s heavily tattooed, has a shaved head, and is buff enough to challenge any of the gym queens strutting down Eighth Avenue in Chelsea.  Now, here’s the money shot: Buck Angel was born a woman– and still has a vagina.   Buck Angel and his wife Elayne live happily in the Yucatan, Mexico, but Buck tours all over the world: performing live, promoting his truly renegade XXX movies, and challenging everyone’s notions of gender and sexual orientation.  After months of playing e-mail tag with Buck, I finally caught up with the pioneer porn star while he was in New York City for Gay Pride. At his hotel, we discussed porn, safe sex, and how he doesn’t always see eye to eye with the trans male community: “I’m not a ‘transsexual man’.  I’m a man.  If you look at what the word means, it means ‘transitioning’, from A to B.  It’s pretty basic, dude.  I’m not transitioning anymore.  I’m done.  A lot of guys live their lives as ‘trans men’, which is a whole different mindset.   I really don’t consider myself that.  I am and I always will be a transsexual, but I live my life as a man.” Let’s just say that anyone who meets Buck Angel in person wouldn’t even question his manliness!  The two of us don’t just talk about serious stuff, though.  Mr. Angel tells me a few truly hilarious, behind-the-scenes stories about the porn biz– to which he adds, “My life sometimes feels like a cartoon!”  Make that a cartoon for adults only!.


JR: Congratulations on your recent nominations!
BA: Thank you, man!
JR: I have to admit, I had something of a hard time finding your movies!
BA: Yeah.  A lot of people won’t carry my movies… or else you’re looking in the wrong section.  What happens a lot of times is that they’ll purchase my films and they’ll put them in the transsexual section.  That’s not where my movies go!  I’ve had to go into stores and say, “What are you doing?  That have to be in the gay section!”  They don’t believe that that’s my customer!
JR: Do you ever get tired of people just labeling you “the man with a pussy?”
BA: Yes!  Most definitely.  That’s why I kind of stopped going there.  In the beginning that was kind of like my whole thing: “Buck Angel, the man with a  pussy!”  But I think that it’s a little too harsh for a lot of people to wrap their head around.  So I think now that I’ve built my name up, I can just be “Buck Angel” and people kind of know who I am.  And I think that people get really kind of offended when you’re in their face that way.  Which was my goal in the beginning: to push it in people’s faces!  Because, sometimes you can get people to see things more when you kind of shove it in their face.  But I think now I feel more comfortable just being like, “OK, I can just be Buck Angel”, and people can look me up and see what’s going on there.  I also think it limits me, and limits people who possibly might want to interview me, mainstream-wise.  If I was labeled “Buck Angel, the man with a pussy”, then the New York Times isn’t going to interview me… or you might not want to interview me if I wasn’t a little less harsh with that label.
JR: I know… but people love labels!
BA: Yeah, totally!  Because it helps people define things.  People don’t know… you know, when you think about it, most people are followers.  They’re not leaders.  They need to be given the situation.  They don’t really know how to think for themselves.
JR: Yeah, it’s a shame it has to be that way!  So, what’s the hardest part about being an adult film star in 2009?  People might have their conceptions about what it was like years ago, but I know that the business is always changing.
BA: What’s happening is that you have so much going on right now with technology.  I produce and I own all my own stuff.  It’s not like I’m just a porn actor and I get paid to be in somebody’s movie.  I have my own production company.  So, you really have to stay ahead of the ball game with understanding how technology is changing.  People don’t go into shops– like how you said you went into the shops to look for my DVD– because people aren’t producing DVD’s as much anymore.  I don’t produce that many DVD’s anymore.  I produce one or two a year.  But I produce a lot of content that goes on my websites.  So, I make more money on the Internet than do actually by people going into the shops.  And that’s with a lot of smaller companies like me.  We’re all kind of pushing ourselves towards the Internet.  Mobile!  That’s like the new big thing now.  Mobile technology.  Who would have known?  Like, even Apple.  There’s a new Apple app that’s a porn app; I just read about it in The Post today.  More people are using their phones and I-Phones and all this mobile technology to download pornography than they are using their regular laptops or computers at home.  So, I think that the biggest challenge is being aware of technology– because that’s what’s gonna take me to that next level… which is world domination! (Laughs)
JR: (Laughs) I can see that as your next artwork: Buck Angel holding up the world in an Atlas pose!… I’m old school.  I still buy DVD’s!
BA: I love DVD’s!  And I will always produce a DVD because of people like you.  You know, VHS still sells!  People still purchase VHS.  To me, that’s like an 8-track tape.  I’m like, “Wow!  People still watch that?”  But yes, there are a lot of companies that still produce VHS.  But also, for me to be eligible for an Adult Video Award, you have to produce a DVD once a year and it has to be distributed to a certain amount of stores… So that’s the only way I can still be up for a porn award, is by producing a DVD.
JR: Oh, I did not know that.  Interesting… Now, what’s your relationship like with other porn stars?  Do you have any that you consider “friends”?
BA: Yeah, I would say… but I don’t “hang out” in the industry!  Because, really I am more at home in Mexico.  Chi Chi LaRue is a very good friend of mine.  She’s totally awesome.  Not so much “big name” porn stars– but more so I would say that companies, and people within those companies, have always been big supporters of mine.  If there’s anything I need, people are always there.  I think that in the beginning, it wasn’t like that for me.  It was very difficult.  When I first started, nobody would talk to me.  Nobody would take my movie, nobody would help me or show me how to make my website, or even really want to see me succeed.  They were freaked out by me in the beginning.  Maybe the first year and a half… It was weird.  People were just completely freaked out by me in the industry.  I had to prove myself.  I had to prove that I wasn’t this fly-by-night, and that I was producing a product, and that I was bringing something new to the industry that was worthy and worthwhile; something that was really going to shake up the industry, which I did.  Once I proved that, and once I proved that I was really the straight-on businessman which I am, and showed that I’m not just some person who’s just coming in and having his thing and leaving in two weeks, which happens a lot…
JR: Yeah!
BA: … then they realize that Buck is really bringing a valid new genre to the industry… and then I think I started getting a lot of respect from people in the industry.  And that’s when a lot of people just really started opening their arms to me, and really wanted to see me succeed.  I wouldn’t be here if the industry didn’t accept me.  I was the first person of my kind to win an AVN Award ever in the history of porn.  So, to win that Award from my peers and from my industry was huge for me.  That just took me to that next level, with them saying, “Yeah, we really respect you, Buck, and whatever you need from us…”  So, that’s kind of cool.  The industry is very competitive.
JR: And, it’s not as “anything goes” as people would think it would be!
BA: It’s not!  The industry is very vanilla in a sense, very conservative.  You’d think the sex industry wouldn’t be conservative, but they are!  They truly, truly are.  When I first came and I was the man with a pussy, they were like, “Uh uh!  That’s even weird for us!”
JR: Why should it be weird?  When it comes down to it, any fantasy is valid!
BA: Yeah!  Why is “clown porn”, which is huge, more valid than what I’m doing? (JR laughs.) I think because, like we were talking about earlier, I shake up the whole gender/sexuality/not-fitting-in-the-box thing.  Whereas clown porn is just kind of fetishy stuff…
JR: Now, clown porn would scare me! (Both laugh)  So, which movie would you say you’re the most proud of?  What would you say is your clowning… uh, I, mean crowning achievement?!  
BA: From my production company, I’d say “Buckback Mountain”.  I was really kind of bummed when it didn’t win an Award at the Gay Video News Awards, because I was up for a Award for “Best Alternative Porn”, and I thought– and I’m not just saying it because it is my movie– “This is the ultimate alternative gay porn!”  It was!  And I was really shocked when I lost.  I’m very proud of that movie.  It’s very well done.  I dumped all my own money into it.  I don’t have anybody helping.  I’m doing this all on my own.  I don’t have a big studio giving me ten grand to make a movie.  A lot of people think I’m making a thousand million trillion tons of money.  Yeah, right!  I wish!  They don’t realize I’m doing everything myself.  Then there’s a lot of people, especially trans men, who have a weird jealousy towards me for some reason.  I mean, there’s a lot of issues there with them, but I think that they think that I’m making all this money.  But even if I was, I work my butt off.  It’s not like I went out asking for a handout for me.  But they have this weird animosity towards me, like, “Yeah, Buck is making a million dollars.”  Yeah, right…
JR: When it comes down to it, a lot of it is based on jealousy.
BA: Don’t you think that’s sad?  Why do people get so jealous of other people’s success?!  It’s not like I just walked into this.  You see how hard I worked to get even to where I am now. And, I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be.  So, the fact that people in my own community– which is another issue– get jealous of my success is very strange.
JR: I’m not surprised.  I think, when you achieve a level of visibility that others are aspiring to, and achieve a certain look that others are striving for…
BA: It’s not like this was all given to me!  I work hard.  I go to the gym, I exercise…
JR: Yeah, I wanted to ask you about your secrets for being so ripped! Damn! 
BA: Thank you.  It’s all of it; You know that!  It’s diet, it’s exercise, it’s discipline!  And I’m very disciplined about myself.  I do that for my movies to sell to a specific audience.  When I got into it, I didn’t know what by customer base was gonna be, because nobody had ever done this before.  When you’re a pioneer in the film business, how do you know who your customer base is gonna be, especially in the porn business?  I just had no clue.  So, I made a video of me with women, me with women and men, and me with men.  And the one of me with men was my best-selling movie…and I said, “That’s it! I figured it out.”  So, that being said, what do gay men like?  They like nice bodies: you know, the aesthetics, the visuals…That’s more important for gay men than it is for straight men.  If you look at straight videos, most of the men don’t tend to be as fit.  Even though I really always wanted to have a nice body before my change, I took control and I realized what I needed to do to build my body up.  Going to the gym, and eating right, and discipline.  I mean it sounds hard, but it’s not, once you get into it!  As a female, I was 110 pounds.  I put 50 pounds of muscle on my body by going to the gym.  It didn’t happen overnight!  It took years and years…
JR: Wow!  So, what would surprise most people to know about you?
BA: That I’m a really nice guy! (Laughs)   People see me, visually, and see tattoos, and a shaved head, and the whole persona…
JR: I do really like that scene (in “More Bang for Your Buck” ) where you dominate that young guy in the leather hood!
BA: That’s my acting persona, and when you see me having sex on camera, that’s me.  That’s how I really do like to have sex.  And so that was one of the things I wanted to do when I produced my films, was to really have sex and not act.  I’m not really acting in those situations.  I am in my sexual frenzy.  I’m very aggressive that way.  But as a person, day to day, I’m a really nice guy.  I’m a caring guy.  I think that I am sensitive.  I can’t say that I kept those traits from being a female, but I do think that I have kept some of my understanding about what it is to be a female, from my sex change, and I wanted to do that.  I didn’t want to just wipe out this whole kind of other side of me emotionally.  I wanted to keep a bit of my emotions and be able to be sensitive to issues, and be able to cry.  It’s OK for me to cry.  Because men are taught that it’s not OK to cry.  That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.  How sad is that, really?  I’m as macho as the next guy, don’t get me wrong, but when I heard about Michael Jackson dying, I cried.
JR: So did I!
BA: No, I did… because I really feel like I do have a sensitivity in me, and I’m not ashamed to say that… and I think it’s really super-important for men to get in touch with– I’m not saying your “feminine side”– but with your emotions, and say, “Gosh, if I feel really upset about something, it’s OK for me to cry.  I don’t care that you see me crying like that.  It doesn’t make me any less of a man.”  And that’s the sad part: being taught growing up that it’s OK for a woman to cry, but it’s not OK for a man to cry.  It’s ridiculous… It’s a natural bodily function to want to be emotional and cry.  It’s not a gender-specific thing, like only women can cry.  So, yeah, I’m a sensitive guy, and I’m proud of that.  I have no issues around that at all.  Really, I don’t.  It’s totally OK!  
JR: Now, while we’re on the subject of the differences between men and women, how do we differ when it comes down to porn?  When I was a kid I was taught that with women and sex, it’s all about the atmosphere, and the whole seduction thing, and the mood… and men are more into the visual aspect, which is why we love porn so much.  But then, later on– I think in the early ’90’s– some researchers suggested that women are just as visually-oriented as men are, and women pretty much react the same way to porn that men do– which implies that women should like to watch it as much as we do. 
BA: I agree with that.  I just think that it’s not 100% that way.  Obviously, men are the number one buyers of porn; whether you’re gay or straight doesn’t matter.  And that’s because, yes, men are more stimulated visually than women are.  I do think that women like to be touched, but then that’s a generalized statement.  Of course there are other things involved.  But I think that generally, men can be easily stimulated.  That’s why it’s totally easy for a guy to snap on a porn and get off in five minutes.  You’ll very rarely see a woman do that.  It’s hormonal.  Testosterone is a very powerful drug…and it makes you horny.  Men need to have a physical release.  That’s just the way it is with men.  I can say this, because I’ve lived as a woman, and I’ve lived as a man.  So, books can say all the shit they want in the world, but I know.  As a female, I didn’t need that sexual stimulation as much, even though I was a horny female, I would say.  Probably more than your average female.  But I didn’t need to jack off every day, or I didn’t need to release constantly, or I wasn’t thinking, “My God, look at that guy’s ass!”, or “Look at that big bulge!”… I wasn’t doing that!
JR: Yeah, it’s amazing how you see a really good-looking guy or even a really hot picture or image, and then you can’t concentrate on anything else for a while until you cool down!   
BA: Yeah, you can’t control it. That’s hormonal, dude!  And I totally get it now. That’s how I am.  I’ll see something and I’m like, “Grrrr!!!”  So, there is most definitely a physical difference between a man and a woman when it comes to porn.  So I do think that men buy porn more because of that situation, but I do think that things are changing.  I also think that what’s happened was that women were always taught that it’s not OK to watch porn, and that women have to be “a certain way”, and it’s not “ladylike” to watch porn, or it makes you weird.  Whereas now, with feminism and with women opening up more about their sexuality, it’s easier for women to go out and purchase porn.  So, with that said, my fan base has actually started to expand to women, which is really awesome.  Because, that’s a very, very difficult customer base to get.  Women don’t pull the credit card out like men do; they’re not like, “Oh, dude, I gotta see that right now!”. I see more and more women becoming fans of mine through e-mails, or my being at a club and women coming up to me… Wow!  I never had women coming up to me like that before.  Or, women actually buying my DVD’s.  I’m like, “Wow!  This is amazing!”  Most of my live shows that I do in Europe are in gay male venues, but a lot of times what I have seen now is more women finding out that I’m gonna be at this venue and showing up… whereas maybe two or three years ago, that was not the way it was.  So, that is showing that women are much more interested.  I think that I appeal to women because of who I am; because of me having lived as a female and now being a man.  They don’t feel intimidated by me because of my penis. I think that a lot of women don’t really know how to relate to a men sexually, and they think possibly that because I was a woman before, they feel more like they can relate to me sexually in that way.  I can’t tell you that that’s what it is, but I’m thinking that possibly they don’t feel as intimidated by me.
JR: And, also there are a lot more women actually making movies in the business now too!
BA: Yeah, sure.  There’s a lot more women in pornography making movies.  Most definitely.  So that market has opened up pornography to women, which is a good thing.  But the bottom line is, I’d say 90% of people who buy porn are men.   
JR: Well, some of the porn companies claim, or at least want us to believe, that men and women buy porn equally…
BA: I get the trade magazines, and I see that the ads are geared specifically towards men!  No way!  Most women I know wouldn’t be turned on some of the ads I see there: raunchy, and not really respectful towards women.  And I think that’s the other thing: Women feel like they need to be respected sexually.  Of course, there’s some raunchy stuff that might turn women on– but I think that as a whole, women don’t want to feel like just cum bags– like, we’re using you to shoot our load in.  They want to feel part of it.
JR: A lot of men don’t seem to mind feeling like cum bags, though! (Laughs)
BA: (Laughs) No, men love that!  Are you kidding?  The dirtier, the nastier, men love!  Women, I think, take it a little more personally.  Even on a date.  Think about it.  You go on a date with a woman, you kind of have to caress her a little bit… whereas, I can go to the club down the street, meet a guy and have sex with him, and in ten or fifteen minutes we’re done and “Hey, dude, see ya later!”  Like, it’s totally cool that way.  I personally like that much better than having to do the whole ritual.  It’s much easier to have sex with men.  You do it, you’re done.  You can grab a beer at the bar and it’s totally cool and we’ll never see each other again.  It’s not an issue, ’cause there’s no emotions involved in it.   
JR: How true! Afterwards, it’s like, “So, does this mean we’re dating now?”  And I’m like, “No, not really!” (Both laugh.) You also produce movies.  What kind of actors do you look for?
BA: If you know anything about purchasing porn, women purchase more gay porn than they do straight porn.  Because, women visually like to see nice-looking guys.  In a lot of the straight porn, the guys aren’t so nice-looking!
JR: But that’s changing, a little bit…
BA: It is changing, with the younger crowd of people making films, like Joanna Angel. She makes hip, tattooed, alternative porn.  I think they have nice-looking, younger guys.  But I think in general, most straight porn doesn’t have great-looking guys.  From what I heard, the guys who are watching the movies kind of put themselves in the space of the guy. And if the guy’s better-looking, they kind of get weird about it.  Which is like the weirdest thing I ever heard!  But with gay porn, obviously the visuals and the guys have to be better… so, women like that!  Visually they like to see nice-looking, hot guys.  So I see more women buying my more gay porn rather than my more bisexual porn.  So, I think I’ll always be producing more with guys and less with women.  I haven’t produced a film with a woman in like two years.  But I do get a lot of women who want to work with me.  In the beginning it was very difficult to find talent.  Nobody wanted to work with me.  Nobody wanted to do it.  I was like, “I can’t find any guys!”  Oh my God, I was crazy!  But now I got lots of people who write me, and now I can be a little more picky.  It’s kind of nice to be a little more picky about the guys you want to put in your movie!
JR: No doubt!  That must be fun!  Now, a lot of actors and actresses in the adult film business want to break into the mainstream movie and music business.  Do you have any desire to do that yourself?
BA: I do!  I actually just came from L.A. and met with a publicist and an agent.  I’m not sure if they’re ready for me yet!  They wanted to meet with me, which is really cool.  So, a lot of people know about me in the mainstream industry, and I think I have a huge amount of fans in the mainstream industry– from agents to actors.  Not necessarily will they admit it!  Because, again, I’m so ahead of my time and such a pioneer– even though you’ll see shows like “Weeds” and all these crazy television shows like “Housewives of Beverly Hills”.  They go crazy and they touch on sex and sexuality.  But for some reason, I think maybe I push it a little too much.  I’m not really sure! I really think I should have my own reality TV show. I think it would really push boundaries out there.  One of the reasons why I started to get away from the whole “man with a pussy” thing was because of that.  I think it was holding me back because it was too “in your face”.  So now I’m kind of just going as “Buck Angel”.  If I could get into mainstream, I think it would be huge.  Not just for me as a businessman, but I think for people and society in general to see people like me, and to say, “That guy is totally cool with his sexuality and his gender.”  So, hopefully, I think sometime it will happen… Somebody with big enough balls in the mainstream industry to say, “You know what, we want to cast Buck in this next thing.”  Because, that’s another industry that’s very conservative… as much as they try to act like, “We’re gonna do this and shock everybody!”, it’s still very, very conservative.  But I’d like to do it.  Not many people in the porn business have transitioned to mainstream.  Really, don’t you think that I should even be on “The Simpsons” or something?  A Buck Angel character?
JR: (Laughs) Yes, definitely!…  Now, the subject of female-to-male sex change is going to be a very talked-about subject soon, with Chastity Bono deciding that she’s going to make the transition.  Do you have any thoughts about that?
BA: Yeah, totally.  When I was in L.A. I was actually supposed to see her but it didn’t happen; I missed meeting with her… (Buck realizes he referred to Chastity as “she” and pauses.)  I’m so sorry, see how I do that?  It’s just so new!…  Who am I to say that that’s not for real?  If he’s felt like that forever, that could be a lot of what his issues were.  But who am I to say, or anyone else to say, that he’s not a man?  If that’s how he feels and he wants to do it, more power to him.  It’s gonna change a lot.  It’s good for me; it will bring more attention to me and my business, that’s for sure.  I hope it goes well for him.  It’s a big, huge process.  It’s not just something that happens overnight.  I hope he chooses the right path of people that he hangs out with.  Because, everyone has their own opinion about how it should be done!  I hope he’s just doing it for himself, and that there’s not all these “community influences”.  I think I have said in prior interviews that I’m “anti-community”.  That might be a harsh statement.  I’m not so “anti-community” as I am “pro-individual”, you know what I’m saying?  So for Chaz, I’m hoping that he doesn’t get involved too much in that “community” way of thinking: “This is the way you need to be a man.”  Don’t let anybody tell you how you need to be a man, dude!  You need to be a man how you need to be a man.  There’s a lot of guys out there who don’t have top surgeries or bottom surgeries, or don’t take hormones.  They don’t do anything.  At face value they might look female to a lot of people, but inside their minds they feel like men and they consider themselves men.  That’s their trip.  It shouldn’t be anyone else’s trip… The trans community can be very “boxy”– and if they don’t like what you’re doing, you cannot be accepted into that community.  And that’s one of my huge pet peeves about the transsexual community.  And that’s why they don’t like me, is because I’m saying, “That’s bullshit, guys.  We don’t need to do that!  You need to tell guys to be individuals.”   Biological men are individual men, however they like to be.  And us as men, and changing, we have it hard enough as it is.  We should be welcoming to all; we should all feel good to each other and all feel happy with each other… but you know, they’re not.  They’re super judgmental.  It’s yucky… and I’m not into that!  I’m not the leader of the trans community.  For some reason, they appointed me this, and then everyone got upset because, “Why is Buck the transsexual leader?”  And I’m like, “What are you talking about?  Where did that come from?”  So, they’re so screwy!
JR: Again, a lot of it might be motivated by jealousy– jealousy because of your visibility or success.
BA: But who did that?  I did that.  I invented this situation, I came up with this idea, I put my money into it.  I didn’t ask anybody for any help with this situation.  I think they got pissed at me because I once did an interview here: A lot of guys here do these “Boob Removal Parties”.  I don’t know if you ever read that in the “Village Voice”.  It was a big article about these trans men who have parties and invite all their friends over and it costs $10, or you donate money, for his chest surgery– because he can’t afford to get his chest surgery.
JR: I thought at first you meant they were actually doing the surgery at the parties.  Ouch!
BA: No!  Although some probably do that!  So, I spoke out about how when I had chest surgery, I worked two jobs.  I never asked for a handout. And to me, that’s what a man is.  I’m not afraid to speak my mind.  It’s only my opinion, like “Dude, why do you have to ask people for money to get your surgery?”  I felt more proud of myself because I did it all on my own.  I just really worked at making myself.  
JR: It’s a weird thing.  You can be a role model, but when people start to perceive you as having more money, or more success, or more visibility than them, then it kind of switches around…
BA:  It’s ugly.  It’s shameful and ugly, and I don’t want any part of it.  that’s why I just don’t even go there.  I do my community service when I travel.  I always try to find somewhere that I can donate some of my time.  Most of the time it’s with an AIDS organization, because I lost a lot of my friends to AIDS in the early ’80’s and I have a lot of friends who are HIV positive.  So, that’s like a huge thing for me.  I try to donate my time.  I would donate my time more to the trans male community, but they don’t seem to have open arms for me.  It’s sad…
JR: Yeah, it’s a shame it has to be that way…  So, you mentioned HIV awareness.  How do you feel about the current rise of bareback porn?  It seems like it’s all over the place now…
BA: Ewww!  Uh uh, no no!…
JR: There’s one company…I’m not going to say their name…
BA: I know who you’re talking about!  Thank you for not saying their name!  It’s inappropriate behavior, especially in the gay community.  When you go to do a porn, you have to be tested.  If you’re a legitimate company, you get tested, you show up with your papers, you give them to me, I look at them, I show you mine, and we both see that we’re both clean.  Even though in my movies, we’re always doing safe sex, but it’s nice to know that you’re still clean.  Rubbers break, things happen, cum shots go into eyes…anything can happen.  So, that’s the really legitimate, smart way of making movies.  But that company, being that company, is one of the few in gay porn that do bareback.  A lot of gay porn companies are now doing condom-only.  They’re really jumping on it.  I know my responsibilities as a pornographer.  People look at my movies.  There are people who definitely look at bareback porn and they are influenced by it.  They are!  They don’t have brains of their own to say, “Oh my God, I should not be having sex without a condom.”
JR: Or, they can’t see that the movies are done for entertainment purposes only…
BA: They don’t see that.  All they see is sex and they say, “Oh my God, these guys are doing it without condoms.  I can do it without condoms!”  They really think that way.  They don’t realize that this is just a fantasy.  My movies are just a fantasy.  But if I don’t put condoms on, then they just think it’s totally OK to have sex without a condom.  And that’s totally inappropriate behavior, especially for people who produce pornography.  It’s disgusting. I’m a huge safe sex advocate.
JR: Bareback porn is like “forbidden fruit”.
BA: It’s totally forbidden fruit!  So is crack!  But it’s not OK.  It’s not 1950.  Even in your own personal life, unless you have a partner, you should not be having unsafe sex.  I don’t get why people don’t get it.  It’s just not OK.  I don’t have a dick so I don’t know what it feels like to wear a condom.  I know what it feels like to be fucked with a condom on, and OK… maybe it does feel a little bit different to have a dick stick inside me without a condom, and maybe it does feel a little bit nicer… but it doesn’t feel that much nicer to me that I would risk my life.  I don’t get that your life is not worth more than a fuck… but then again, it’s that whole male “I gotta get off right now!”.   And a lot of guys do crystal.  When you’re on crystal, you get crazy horny.  You get totally oblivious to the world.  All you think about is getting off and fucking for hours… and it doesn’t matter; the last thing you think about is putting a condom on.  I’m totally anti-barebacking.  It’s not OK!
JR: Your friend, Chi Chi LaRue, feels the same way about that…
BA: That’s why she’s awesome.  I respect her highly.  She’s one of the best people in the industry.  She’s a very good, honest person… and you don’t see a lot of those people in the porn industry!  She’s straightforward, she’s just fun… and she was very supportive of me in the beginning.  
JR: There’s an issue that I’m shocked that nobody has addressed: When guys get older, our dicks become less sensitive…and I think that’s the reason a lot of guys stop using condoms. But nobody seems to want to address that issue.  Maybe guys don’t want to admit it, or maybe it’s too sensitive a subject…
BA: You hit it right on the head, dude.   Maybe there’s something the drug companies can make to heighten the sensitivity on a condom, because that is something… and I know that’s the reason a lot of guys don’t want to wear them.   
JR: Having a penis is not all it’s cracked up to be!  I’m not too big on popping a pill for every occasion, but if it’s something that increases sensitivity down there and makes guys wear condoms more, I’m totally for it!  Now, the most important question of all: MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter?
BA: (Laughs) Facebook!  I’m a Facebook guy.  Because, I just like the app, and it’s very easy to use.  All the people who have joined my Facebook are totally cool people, and it’s been amazing for my business.  I have just met so many people who want to interview me, or bring me out somewhere…  If youre not on Facebook as a business person, you’re making a big mistake.  Twitter’s a little weird…I do use it, but I probably only update it once a day or so.
JR: So, what film would you recommend for anyone as the first Buck Angel movie they should see?

BA: To really see my sex in action, I would say “Even More Bang for Your Buck 1” or “Even More Bang for Your Buck 2”  Those are just two good, raw films with raw sex.  To get a feel for my sexuality and my sex, and what I’m trying to show, I think those are two really good films to watch!

One of the questions I wanted to ask Mr. Angel at first was “Who do your movies appeal to?  Straight men?  Gay men?  Women?”  After hanging out with Buck for a few hours, I realize that it was a stupid question.  Who’s the audience for his movies?  The answer was simple: Whoever gets turned on by watching them!


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