On January 19th, 2010, Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown defeated Democrat Martha Cokely in a special election to fill the Senate term vacated by the late, legendary Senator Ted Kennedy.  The admittedly handsome 50-year old politico made waves by becoming the first Republican to be elected to the US Senate from The Bay State since 1972.  The recent red victory in what’s widely known to be deep blue territory sparked a national debate over whether President Obama’s dipping popularity had anything to do with Mr. Brown’s victory.  Who is Scott Brown?  Married with two daughters (One of whom, Ayla Brown, was a semi-finalist on “American Idol”), the 6’2″ DILF is an accomplished soldier, athlete, and attorney… but his resume also includes his another, shall we say, more “flashy” accomplishment: nude model.  “Scott Brown” was no doubt was one of the most Googled terms of the day when the masses learned that the man, once considered a “long shot” (ahem…) for the Senate seat, posed in the nude for “Cosmopolitan” magazine.  His voting lever was strategically covered by his wrist, sadly preventing us from seeing a possible “long shot” of another kind.  Brown was 22 at the time and winner of Cosmo’s “America’s Sexiest Man” contest, 1982.  For those women and closted gay guys who even bothered reading the accompanying interview, Mr. Brown– a law student and minor actor at the time– referred to himself in the interview as “a bit of a patriot” and stated that he had political ambitions. 

     The senator-elect’s naked centerfold sparked a debate of another kind: A few people opined about a gender-based “double standard” in politics.  While Scott’s nude pic was not an issue in the election (kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s naked romp in the gay mag “After Dark” in 1977), would the same have been said for a female politician if nude photos of her were discovered?  In addition, we can only speculate about the field day that the conservative talk show meatheads have would have had with racy photos of a Democratic nominee of either gender.  Meanwhile, the gals at Cosmo magazine stated that while they were disappointed that we’re not sending another female to the Senate, they gave a public invitation for Brown to come back and reprise his naked centerfold pose at age 50.  Why not?!  On a final note, Scott’s recently resurfaced nekked pic raised a question about the politics of fantasy: Is it OK for a bona fide, out ‘n’ proud gay leftist to masturbate to a picture of a bona fide right-leaning politician?  What’s your opinion?  We at Lavender After Dark would like to know…

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