Pic 1: Gerald McCullouch
Pic 2: Gerald & Daniel Reichard (“Jersey Boys”)
Pics 3-4: Village People cowboy Randy Jones & Gerald
Pic 5: Gerald & friend
Pic 6: Gerald & uber-promoter Chip Duckett
Pic 7: Filmmaker Doug Langway (left), actor Jesse Archer (right) & friend
Pic 8: Chip Duckett, DJ Corey Craig, Gerald McCullouch, Joe Mode, Armando Marrero, & photographer/nightlife guru JJ Mack
Pic 9: XXX film star & producer Michael Lucas & Jed Ryan
Pics 10-11: The Naked Cowboy & friends, good from both sides
Pic 12: Jed Ryan & Gerald McCullouch
Pic 13: Vinny Petrosini, Tracy Utley, & Doug Langway
Pic 14: Michael Lucas (2nd from left), Chip Duckett (right) & friends
Pic 15: Michael W. Connor & Corey Craig
Pic 16: Jamison Stern, Dan Via, & Jeff DeKorte
Pic 17: Jym Benzing & Brandon Ruckdashel
Pic 18: JJ Mack, ADD (actor/dancer/DJ) Jonny Mack, Randy Jones, & Brandon Ruckdashel
Pic 19: JJ Mack & Jonny Mack
Pic 20: Promoter extraordinaire Keith Collins & actress/artist Teresa Galeani
Pic 21: (clockwise from top) Rick Naughtin, Jonny Mack, Michael W. Connor, & JJ Mack
Pic 22: The Naked Cowboy & friend
Pic 23: Rick Naughtin & Gerald McCullouch
Pic 24: Teresa Galeani, Keith Collins, The Naked Cowboy, & Gerald McCullouch
Pic 25: Scott Reed, Gerald McCullouch, & Chris Horsman

On Tuesday, March 30th, actor/NYC man-about-town Gerald (That’s Gerald with a hard “G”) McCullouch–on TV in “CSI”, on the stage in Dan Via’s off-Broadway play “Daddy”, and soon to be on the big screen in Doug Langway’s “Bear City”– celebrated his B-Day in a big way, at the one-of-a-kind Manhattan hotspot Johnny Utah’s.  It gave all of his friends and fans the chance to ride the mechanical bull… and gave me the chance to share with my readers some great pics!  

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