MALICE IN GAGA-LAND Will Lady Gaga’s fame monster bite her?

Will Lady Gaga’s fame monster bite her?

She’s the lady who commanded us to just dance, challenged us to read her p-p-p-poker face, requested to take a ride on your disco stick, and made bad romance sound oh-so-good. The woman formerly known as Stefani Joanne Germanotta is on top of the pop culture world, with an upcoming summer tour, omnipresent media exposure, and a video that may be the most controversial mini-movie since Madonna’s “Justify My Love” was banned from MTV back in 1991. Ms. Gaga reminds the new generation of artists that it’s their job not just to make music, but to break the rules while doing it. Even with all the goings-on in Gaga-land, the gay icon found time to set a new record: The Lady became the first artist to have her videos streamed over a billion times. Yep, it seems like ages since you actually had a chance of bumping booties with Gaga on the dancefloor of a downtown club. (Good luck even scoring a ticket for her upcoming tour!) But not everyone is worshiping at the Church of Gaga. Late last month, the singer’s former boyfriend/creative collaborator Rob Fusari filed a lawsuit asking for at least $30.5 million under the terms of a contract the star signed in 2006. Fusari, who is credited as co-executive producer on her album “The Fame” (He also co-wrote three of the songs on the CD.), claims that he was the one who encouraged her to change her musical style as well as her looks. He even takes credit for her name– claiming that “Lady Gaga” was a corruption of a text message he sent her, when he was using the Queen song “Radio Gaga” as a code. (Let’s be thankful he didn’t have Hanson’s 1997 novelty song “Mmm Bop” on his mind at the time…) Indeed, a photo in the April 2nd issue of “Entertainment Weekly” shows a brunette Gaga, with Fusari, looking more like a cast member of “Jersey Shore” than the blonde fashion rebel she is today. Fusari claims that after the relationship ended, he was denied his share of the fruits of Gaga’s exploding fame. Experts speculate that who wins the suit will come down to “He said, she said” … or, more accurately, “His people said, her people said”. His people state that he was Gaga’s creative and business partner, while not actually being her agent (Fusari is not a licensed agent.) Her side states that the 2006 contract is invalid. In the same week, gossip blogs were buzzing about how “down to earth” Gaga is, using as evidence her “concert rider” (AKA her post-concert requests). Her list reads as followed: “a roast chicken, a plate of cheese on ice with a tray of assorted meats, low-fat milk, salsa dips, and whole-wheat bread and crackers.” She apparently also eschews booze for ginger ale, water, hot tea, and decaffeinated coffee.” And… honey. A music industry source told the press, “Despite her out-there image, this rider proves that Lady Gaga is actually quite down to earth and normal compared to the diva-like demands of some pop stars.” Now, personally, I don’t like my gay icons to be “down to earth”. I want them to be wild, crazy, and over the top. Here’s how I would have wanted Gaga’s list to go: “Five impossibly stacked, buff men (One of each race); one sexually adventurous blonde, willowy woman; an open bar with lots of Diet Coke; some post-concert Advil and Xanax, and a night’s worth of top shelf sex-cessories from Babeland. And… honey.” Food? Who needs food?!


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