MASTER LUCAS IS WAITING FOR YOU! This Pride Weekend, Go Beyond Vanilla at "Sinner-G"!…

Photo 1& 5: Master Lucas
Photo 4: Master Lucas & Jed Ryan


This Pride Weekend, Go Beyond Vanilla at “Sinner-G”!…

You may have seen him perform live at The NYC Eagle or at Folsom Street East, or perhaps at the exclusive DFP Parties. On Saturday, June 26, top dom Master Lucas plans to once again take The Naked City by the balls– in a big way! As one of the busiest men in New York City’s BDSM community, the self-described “one man show” will be hosting The Gates of Hell Event “Sinner-G”, the Official Kick-Off Kink Party of Gay Pride NYC 2010. Master Lucas will be creating his own fantasy world at New York City’s BDSM playground Paddles for a night which promises that you’ll get your kink on, whether you’re a newbie or a serious player. The exclusive men’s event (for gay, bi, and curious str8 guys) will feature the exclusive go-go men of NYC’s Rawhide bar, special guest XXX film stars, demented gender-bending acts, live demos, and many more surprises that promise to unleash a Pandora’s box of hidden desires, fantasies, and fetishes– all in a 4,000 square foot dungeon space. As Creator of the “Sinner-G” party, Master Lucas and I met (in broad daylight!) to speak about his mission to make New York City as fun as it used to be… as well as what he’s got in store for those of us who pass through his exclusive Gates of Hell on June 26th. When Master Lucas speaks, you WILL listen!

JR: Hello Master Lucas. Thanks for meeting me! So, without giving too much away, what surprises can we expect at upcoming Gates of Hell “Sinner-G” Party?
ML: There are the personal demonstrations that I’ll be doing. That’s when I pretty much break out all my box of tricks, especially for this event. We’ll be bringing together a lot of demonstrations, and also some interesting drag queen performances that are going to be nothing short of demented, strange, crazy, bizarre… kind of sick, but they’ll add some nice visuals and some cool entertainment for the night. There are also are going to be a couple of Special Guest porn stars. So, it’s going to be interesting!

JR: Yeah! Now, there are a lot of events going on that weekend. What do you want to tell people to steer them to come to THIS party?
ML: For one, it’s like nothing else! Yes, we have the exclusive go-go men of Rawhide, but there are going to be go-go boys all over the city. Is that the reason you want to come? No! That’s purely for visual enhancement in the background. I think that if there’s just the slightest bit of a dark side in someone, or the slightest little bit of a desire to explore their inner kink, then this is the only fetish and kink event that I know of that’s going on this weekend. I think that people just want to do something different this Gay Pride, and it’s going to be like nothing else going on! I feel like it’s going to be the “same old, same old” everywhere else. So, do something different this year– and come see some kinky, cool hot stuff! This is the first all-male kink event, and we’re moving forward. It’s going to be a monthly event: the fourth Saturday of every month.

JR: Sounds hot! So, a few people have observed that New York City is not as exciting as it used to be– less sex-themes businesses, less nightlife venues to explore your sexuality, etc… As an expert in the “after midnight” world, where does New York City stand now?
ML: It’s pathetic. It’s sad. I guess things could always get worse, but I don’t know how much worse at this point. Between Giuliani and Bloomberg, they’ve essentially turned this city into the quintessential Disneyland. Personally, I miss driving through the Meatpacking District and seeing some seven-foot tall female prostitute open her raincoat, with a nine-inch dick hanging out and a big set of tits. I miss that! I mean, that was New York City! You just don’t see that anymore. There are no street hustlers. There’s nothing. I just like seeing those things, because that’s the sleaze of New York. That’s part what makes the city the city. I mean, it’s not for everyone; but all of this Disneyland shit is not for everyone either. Recently I heard something about how they were targeting that bookstore on Christopher Street and The West Side Highway. They’re sending cops in to see who’s sucking who off at a bookstore! They shut them down! I mean, come on now. Have we nothing better do do than to find out who’s sucking who off through a glory hole?
JR: I know… It makes you think, Are we in 1968 again?
ML: You’ve gotta have something better to do with your time, and allocate taxpayers’ money better than to find out who’s blowing who.
JR: Yeah, and it’s also entrapment, which really burns me up.
ML: That was the issue that everyone had a problem with, because it was all entrapment. I get it. I totally get it. If there’s something going on and it turns into public outcry, and the neighbors call and say, “Those freaky faggots are down the alley and they’re blowing each other again, and my son is looking out his bedroom window!”… then I get that. But this bookstore was in an area on the West Side Highway…. I mean, nobody called up and complained. They just had nothing better to do with their time, and they went in and targeted it. These underground sex clubs that were down underneath the ground– The Bijou, El Mirage, all the other ones that aren’t around anymore… There was no reason to fuck with those places, other than that they could and they have nothing better to do. So, I find it really sad.
JR: I agree. Now, it’s been speculated that a lot of younger men and women are re-discovering BDSM. Do you think there’s going to be something of a renaissance of the lifestyle?
ML: It’s happening already! For example, the The Eulenspiegel Society or TES, as most people know them, is one of the oldest BDSM organizations in the country, or at least the oldest in New York City. They’ve started a subgroup of TES called TNG– The Next Generation. This is a group of 18- to 35-year olds. There are approximately 500 members in their group, which is incredible. A lot of the younger generation are 18 to 24, and it’s a pansexual group. You can be gay, straight, bi… however you identify. It’s nice to see something like that start up. They only started it about two years ago, and to get that kind of a membership so quickly, it shows that there was a definite need in the community for younger people to get together, congregate, and talk about their kinkiness. So, there’s no doubt in my mind that that’s what’s happening right now. The nice thing about Paddles, and the reason we are going to stay there at the moment, is that it is 18 and up. I think that for most 18-year old men, perhaps you lose your virginity at age 13, 14, 15, 16… but it’s all very playful sexuality. When you’re 18, you’re ready to kind of get up and go into “stallion mode”… and that’s when you’re ready to explore different things. So, it’s a good age to really give those people a venue and a place to come and play, and get in touch with whatever it is that’s going through their minds when they close their eyes at night!
JR: Yes! I’ve always believed that all of us need venues to explore our fantasies and sexuality in a safe, sane, and consensual way. Now, what advice would you have for anyone who is just starting out, and wants to get on that pathway to explore the kinky side of their sexuality?
ML: Come to the Gates of Hell events!
JR: (Laughs) Good answer! And, what advice would you give to anyone who is going there for the first time?
ML: There’s a list of rules and regulations when you first come in. We post Dungeon Etiquette rules all over the club. It’s important to read these things. Certain things are expected of onlookers, and for those that are serious players. We get more voyeurs. Our events are a voyeur’s paradise, because you can just come and watch. No one is going to try to push themselves on you, and no one is going to try to get you to do anything. If you hook up and connect with someone, and there’s a negotiation process where you talk (“What do you have in mind?”, ” I’m willing to do this, I’m not willing to do that.”), then it’s a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. It’s not what people think. We’re billing it more now as a fetish fantasy event than an S&M party. It’s a place where you can come and see some really cool, kinky stuff… but you’re not gonna be overwhelmed by these macho, tough S&M daddies trying to lure you down a back alley and do bad things to your face. It’s a place where you feel comfortable, it’s a relaxed atmosphere, but there’s really hot stuff going on. You get the opportunity to see, and learn, and feel out. You can go in one room and if you see something you don’t like, you walk to the next room. You just keep checking out different scenes. Kinky folk are very, very friendly– and are more than happy to explain to you why it is they do what they do. You can go up to a bottom after a scene and ask, “So how did that feel?” and “Why did you want to do that?”, and they’ll explain it to you. Obviously, when you’re talking about S&M and pain: Pain is often used as a vehicle towards pleasure. It has to do with endorphins and dopamine. The reality is that the human body manufactures the most powerful opiate known to man. It’s stronger than any heroin that you can do. You do have a lot of people in recovery in the scene because they’re able to get these natural highs through the releasing of these dopamines and endorphins. It’s an amazing thing. It’s incredible. The power exchange is also something fascinating to watch. Watching someone who is truly submissive interact with someone who is truly dominant can be so beautiful to see, on so many different levels. Too many people just have this misconception that it’s all about “Let’s just go out and beat the shit out of each other!”, and it’s just not the case. There is so much more involved, there’s so much more emotion behind it, there’s so much more passion behind it, there’s so much more love behind it… And that’s what people don’t just get.
JR: Yeah! People have so many silly misconceptions. I was guilty of this too in the beginning. When I heard terms like “top” and “bottom” in regard to BDSM terminology, I just assumed it was all about fucking! There’s much more than that!
ML: So much more!
JR: How do you feel about people who may wear leather or S&M gear, but don’t really know anything about the lifestyle? For example: You look the part, but don’t know about the history or proper terminology.
ML: I don’t think it matters. If you feel sexy or kinky wearing leather, then wear leather! Be you! If you want to wear leather, you don’t have to be knowledgeable about the leather scene. Bikers wear leather, and they’re not necessarily S&M artists. They’re bikers! They feel good in leather. For me personally, it’s not so much about the leather as it is about the mindset. If someone looks at you and their whole focus is, “This guy over here, man, he’s not really wearing the wristband right!”, who is fuck is he to judge? Look at The New York City Eagle. You go over there, and not everybody is dressed in leather. And this is where we are kind of segueing our event. I think at some point, this event is for kinky people and their admirers. Some people could never be kinky, but they definitely like to watch it or see it. Some guys like the demonstrations I do, and come up to the bottom and say, “I have no idea how you got through that. I could never do that, but it sure was hot to watch!” So, there are people that are actually into it, and there are people who just admire the scene. Voyeurism is huge. As an exhibitionist, I like to complete a fantasy for people. When we used to do live demonstrations at The Eagle on Thursday nights on the roof deck, the compliments we got were amazing. We were very grateful to receive them. The people really appreciated watching the dynamic between myself and Boy Billy. It turns people on, it gets people excited. I’m a very visual guy. I miss the days of Webster Hall with the giraffe walking through the dance floor!
JR: … and the dancers in cages!
ML: Yeah! Visuals are cool. It gives us inspiration, and gives us a wave to ride while we’re doing what we do!
JR: Master Lucas, is there anything else you’d like to tell the masses out there, except that they need to come to the Party on Saturday, June 26?
ML: You don’t NEED to come. You SHOULD come! It will help open your mind. All that people “need to do” is be born and die. If people are just tired of boring New York, and doing the same old thing every Gay Pride Weekend, then make an appearance and come check this place out. We are currently working our asses of to put on a Hell of a show that night. It’s just a different experience; I can’t compare it to anything!

This Gay Pride Weekend, Come to the Darkside! The “Sinner-G” Party is sponsored bt, Rawhide NYC, Deatails Toys, and many others.

“Sinner-G”, a Gates of Hell Event
at Paddles
250 W. 26th St.
Saturday, June 26th 10PM-3AM
$40 at door



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