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Finland may be known for its midnight sun, its lakes and forests, reindeer, and Nokia… but that picturesque Scandinavian country is also known for exporting two of the hottest men of male erotica. You certainly know about Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, who is credited with creating the quintessential ideal of sexy masculinity that exists to this day. Fast forward to 2012, and there’s another hot Finn who has become an ideal of sexy masculinity in his own right. For lovers of Leathermen, muscle Bears, and DILF‘s (Daddies I‘d Like to Fuck), Pete Finland is truly an icon for admirers of hot and hairy male beauty. Indeed, the 5’11”, 45-year old star is one of the busiest as well as most recognized men in both printed erotica and adult movies. As Eric York, he appeared in over 60 titles since the mid 90’s, including “COPilation”, “Prowl“, “Courting Libido“, “Dads Doin’ It 2”, and “Truckstop Daddy 2”. Through the years, you can see how Pete’s looks have changed: He is now far more muscular and sports much more ink. Most recently, the sex god can be seen in that infamous (and, unfortunately, banned from TV) Bluetooth commercial “Jawbone“, which has become a YouTube sensation. Pete plays a hot-to-trot rugger who gives new meaning to the term “male bonding”! He also has a cameo in the upcoming Doug Langway film “Bear City 2”. You will soon be able to see Pete Finland– ALL of Pete Finland– in an upcoming issue of “ALL BEAR” magazine.

Pete Finland spoke to Jed Ryan about life as a Leather, Bear, and Hot Daddy icon:









JR: Hi Pete! Thanks for speaking with me. So, how does it feel to be featured in an upcoming issue of “ALL BEAR“?

PF: I’m honored. I’ve seen several issues, and I’m a big fan.


JR: Let’s start out with your actor’s name: Pete Finland. I know that you are Finnish in background, but I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that it was also inspired by Tom of Finland, the man who‘s largely credited with defining our ideals of masculine beauty. True?

PF: Yes, that is exactly what Tom has done. My real last name is a very typical Finnish last name: long, and something no one here can pronounce– so it just made sense to change it. It’s not just because of the name, but also because I’ve been influenced by Tom of Finland in so many ways that I would not even know where to begin. Let’s just say that I’m a HUGE fan. I’ve been an Advisory Board Member at Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) since 1999, and the Foundation is the only family I have here in the U.S. Durk Dehner, the president of ToFF, saw my picture online and send me a very nice note saying that I look like the type of man Tom would’ve love to drawn. When I told him that I actually am from Finland, he had a hard time believing it. And we have been very close ever since.

JR: That’s grrr…eat! Now, in your bio, you’ve told us that you have lived in many parts of the world. Is New York City your home now? What do you like most about living there? What’s the worst thing?

TF: I love the energy of the city. I hate the winter. It was my first winter in 22 years….and it was tough.

JR: In your videos and photos you can really see the progression of muscle mass that you’ve acquired through the years. When did you first get into bodybuilding?

TF: That was back in 1994. But the transformation didn’t happened overnight. Now I’m a grown MAN/BEAR, and I think I carry my weight so much better now.

JR: I agree! You are really in outstanding physical shape! Do you want to spill any of your health and fitness secrets with us?!

PF: Keep it simple: White meat only. No sodas. Only juices and tons of water. Nothing fried, and no snacks. That’s all.

JR: It sounds so easy when you put it that way! Now, what was it like when the first time you did a nude photo shoot? Was it a turn-on for you?

TF: I was just a kid from Finland, far from the Hollywood porn scene. My first time was not hot. It was cold warehouse in San Francisco at 7AM. I was very nervous. At the time, there was no Viagra, so all you have there on a set is your filthy imagination. But I got used to it pretty fast … and it became HOT! (Winks)

JR: No doubt! You wear Leather in a lot of your photo shoots. What’s sexy about Leather?

TF: What I like the most of wearing leather is the attitude that comes along with it. It just makes you feel so …SEXY!

JR: That’s for sure! Now, a lot of guys would imagine that being making gay erotic movies– getting to have sex with really hot guys and getting paid for it– is an amazing job. What would you say to a guy who wants to get involved in “the business”?

TF: Be smart with your money. Have fun with it, and keep your feet on the ground.

JR: (Laughs) I could make a really dirty joke about feet being up in the air, but I’ll skip that! So, while we’re on the subject, do you have a particularly memorable experience from a video shoot that stands out– like, a really amazing chemistry with one of your co-stars, or an especially hot scene?

TF: I think the most interesting experience was doing a soft core for the Playboy channel. It was such a professional production. Big budget. Really fascinating to see and experience.

JR: Do people often recognize you in public from your photo and video work? What is that like?

PF: It’s been really good. I can not complain. But like everything in life, I try to focus on the positive and don’t give negativity any power.

JR: Out of all the movies that you have been in, which ones are “essential” for your fans? In other words, which movie should they go out and order IMMEDIATELY after reading this article?

PF: Tough one. I don’t own or have seen any of my films. But the making of “Prowl” was very hot. So that would be the one.

JR: I gotta check that out! Now, I’ve always had a hard spot for rugby players! That hot commercial for Bluetooth which you starred in was banned in the States, but became a YouTube sensation. As someone who comes from a much more sexually liberated part of the world, what do you think about the commercial being banned in the U.S? Are Americans too prudish?

PF: It’s just so sad that two men kissing is an issue to show on TV in the US, while two men ripping each others eyeballs out is “ok”.

JR: As a bona fide sex symbol, I have to ask you: What do you personally find sexy in a guy?

PF: Masculinity.

JR: Do you have a particular celebrity crush? Or, even better, who would be your ideal co-star in one of your films?

PF: My only celebrity crush is the original Colt man Pete Kuzak. He could sit on my face anytime!

JR: Nice! Now, you must have a lot of admirers out there. Have you ever had a problem with, shall we say, “overzealous fans”?

PF: Never a problem. But there has been a few awkward and very uncomfortable situations.

JR: You have also dedicated a good amount of time and energy to raise money for charitable causes. Do you have a particular cause that you feel very strongly about?

PF: Yes. Tom of Finland Foundation does brilliant and very important work. They support starving gay erotic artists: artists who the rest of the art world thinks their work is porn, not art.

JR: So, “Bear City 2” is gonna be big… and hairy! So, do you want to tell us about your cameo in that upcoming movie?

PF: It was a lot of fun to make. I’m playing the captain of a whale watch boat, and my scene partner is sexy Dru Bruin. Three days on the ocean near Provincetown! Don’t wanna give anything away. It was just hairy and hot. Go see it! (Winks)

JR: Tease! So, what else does Pete Finland have in store for his fans in the next few months?

PF: Just going around the country making appearances in Bear clubs and bars. Being around all that hair and beef… I can’t complain!

JR: Sounds like fun! Finally: How can your fans contact you, or even better, where can we meet you in person?

TF: Follow me on Twitter @PeteFinland or on Facebook… and I just might come to a town near you soon!

JR: We‘ll be waiting! Thanks Pete!









You can see MUCH more of Pete Finland in an upcoming issue of “ALL BEAR”. Visit for more info.

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