The Fresh Fruit Seventh Annual Fruits of Distinction Awards took place on June 21, 2010 at The Jan Hus Theatre.
Pic 1: Trophy Girl Appolonia Cruz & Co-Host Lady Clover Honey
Pic 2: Winner, Curator: Rome Neal
Pic 3: Lady Clover Honey, Fresh Fruit Festival Artistic Director Carol Polcovar, & Appolonia Cruz
Pic 4: Lady Clover Honey, Rita Petite, & Appolonia Cruz
Pic 5: sean360x and band
Pic 6: Co-Hosts Frank Calo & Lady Clover Honey
Pic 7: Winner, Directing for “Return to Tennessee”: Judy Guyll
Pic 8: Winner, Visual Arts: Caren Jo Shapiro (center), Winner, Acting: Louise Gallanda Schiumo (right), & friend
Pic 9: Winner, Newcomer: YaliniDream
Pics 10, 11, & 12: sean360X with Ms. India M. & Ova Floh
Pic 13: Judy Guyll
Pic 14: Winner, Outstanding Event: Alex Bond
Pic 15: La Contessa, AKA Hector Lugo
Pic 16: Caren Jo Shapiro
Pic 17 & 18: Nhojj works the crowd
Pic 19: Winner, Dance Performance: Christopher Anderson (left) & friend
Pic 20: Winner, Poetry: Arianne Benford (right) & friend
Pic 21: Christopher Anderson
Pic 22: Winner, Acting: Steve Fox & girlfriend
Pic 23: sean360X and band
Pic 24: Lady Clover Honey and her Trophy Boys
Pic 25: sean360X & band, featuring Barnacle Bill, Ms. India M., & Ova Floh
Pic 26: Cookie Pembleton, Lady Clover Honey, Carol Polcovar, & Appolonia Cruz
Pic 27: Appolonia Cruz, Carol Polcovar, & Lady Clover Honey
Pic 28: Nhojj, Rita Petite, Lady Clover Honey, & Cookie Pemberton
Pic 29: sean360x & band
Pic 30: Matt Gerber & Lady Clover Honey
Pic 31: sean360x & band, with Barnacle Bill, Ms. India M., & Ova Floh
Pic 32: Winner, Musical Performance: Ana Iza Otis
Pic 33: Winner, Musical Performance: Nhojj
Pic 34: Nhojj, YaliniDream, & Rome Neal
Pic 35: La Contessa & Lady Clover Honey
Pic 36: Lady Clover Honey & her Trophy Boys
Pic 37: Appolonia Cruz & Lady Clover Honey
For More Information on The Fresh Fruit Festival or to get involved, visit

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