He’s BAAAAAACK!  Just when you thought it was safe to come out of your politically correct fallout shelter, Del Shores returns to your living room with “Del Shores: Sordid Confessions”.  It’s the acclaimed director/writer/producer-turned-performer’s second filmed one-man show, newly released on DVD.  Political correctness has rightfully been dead for quite a while now, but Shores seems to get a lot of joy from parading around on its grave… as well as from finding new ways to shock an increasing unshockable culture.   In this show, no one is safe.  True, Bristol Palin and Victoria Jackson are deserving targets.  But who is “off limits” when it comes to jokes? Midgets?  Fat people?  Homeless people?  How about fat homeless people? Sorry, there ain’t nothing too taboo or too… well, sordid to talk about at this show.

Shores’ body of work as director and writer includes theater as well as both the big and small screens (“Dharma & Greg”, “Queer As Folk”, and “Sordid Lives” among them).  He’s now making a name for himself as one of American pop culture’s most raucous raconteurs.  Shores’ stand-up comedy has a fabulously queer sensibility running through it, although this good old Southern gay boy is definitely not afraid to talk about P-U-S-S-Y either. (Wait till you hear “Del Shores’ Vagina Monologues”.) Like filmmaker John Waters, a lot of Del’s humor includes a voyeuristic appreciation of our own increasingly twisted culture.  The crowd really loves when Shores reads aloud some of the news stories ripped from the Internet, like the true saga of Melissa Lee Williams. (Her infamous line was “Somebody is gonna eat my p**** or I’m going to cut your f***ing throat!” You can’t make stuff like this up…) Also like John Waters, Shores  seems to be a magnet for some truly colorful people and over-the-top situations in his own day-to-day life.  Just wait until you hear about Yvonne (pronounced “WHY-vonne”…), the smart-talking waitress at Mama’s Daughters Diner with “fuck fried” overbleached hair and painted-on red eyebrows.  (We wonder if– no, when— Yvonne (again, pronounced “WHY-vonne”…) will show up in a future Del Shores movie…)  Of course, not everyone worships at the altar of Del Shores.  The comedian also reads aloud some letters that he’s received from some offended people.  His responses, also shared with the audience, usually take no more than two words… and you can guess what they are.  In the course of the film’s running time, the audience also acquires such priceless bits of advice as:

1. If you’re at a club and see a midget, do NOT pick him up unless you are specifically asked to,
2. A bent penis is called Peyronie’s (pronounced “Pay-ROW-knees”) Syndrome, and…
3. Most importantly, if you are a neophyte TV actor, DO NOT talk shit about the writer of your show…  Why?  Well, taking a tip from my midget stripper friends, I’m not gonna  reveal EVERYTHING.  So, without getting specific, I’ll leave with a little tip for actor Randy Harrison of “Queer As Folk”: You may want to  leave “Del Shores: Sordid Confessions” off your Netflix queue…

Newly (and seemingly happily) divorced, Shores also speaks about his post-coming out “slut period”.  He may have left this, ahem… “randy” period of his life behind– at least for now– but you can still spend an intimate evening with Del Shores on DVD.

 “Del Shores: Sordid Confessions” is now available.  Visit http://www.BreakingGlassPictures.com for more info.

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