"BULK: The Series": Ready For Round Two!

For all those of you out there (like me!) who believe that “Bigger Is Better”, there’s some good news in the Bear Nation.  “BULK” is coming back!  The popular Bear-themed web series, which launched in 2011, is set to start shooting Season 2.  Filmed at genuine New York City locations and featuring many real-life members of the NYC Bear community, “BULK” was created, written, and produced by the team of filmmaker D.R. Knott and playwright/actor J. Julian Christopher.  The series is estimated to have reached over 80,000 viewers worldwide.  It’s been two years since “BULK”‘s protagonist, Leo Durán (played by J. Julian Christopher), headed back to the New York City Bear scene after a devastating breakup.  Fans of the series will now get to catch up with Leo and other familiar faces… and it promises to be a wild and woofy ride!  The cast features returning actors CirrTone as Barrett, Patrick Johnson as Oscar, Jim Noonan as Guy, and Robert Valin as Martin.

J. Julian Christopher (AKA “Jules” to his friends) spoke to Jed Ryan about the much-anticipated Season 2 of “BULK” and more…

JR:Hi Jules. Thanks for speaking with me. So, without giving TOO much away, what surprises can we expect from the new season of “BULK”?
JJC: You can expect old faces and new faces.   Episode One, which D.R. Knott has written, will feature an awkward and tense reunion and then a sexy debrief to that reunion.   We will also meet a “throuple” which may include a familiar face… or two.  That’s all I will reveal right now (Smiles).

JR: Two’s a couple, but three’s always a party! (Laughs) So, rumor has it that we are going to meet a new cast member this season. Is that true?!
JJC: Yes.  This is true.  David Anzuelo will join the cast.  David has been seen in films such as “Walk Among the Tombstones”, “Remember Me”, “Prime”, “Reservation Road”, and “You Won’t Miss Me”. We can’t wait to have him join the “BULK” family!  Also, sexy Frankie Grizz, who played Eddie the bartender, will have a significant storyline in Season 2… so, we are excited to work with him more.


JR: What was your most memorable experience from the last season? Did you have a favorite episode or particular scene?
JJC: I have two favorite episodes actually. The first was Episode 3, “The Teddy Bear”, which featured Leo and Martin’s first date. It’s so great to work with Robert Valin. We have worked on several projects together now, and we have developed a comfort and rapport which makes working on our scenes together fun and relaxed. My other favorite episode is Episode 8, “High Expectations,” Where Leo and his ex, Guy, reconnect fourteen months after their breakup. Jim Noonan, who plays Guy, is such a giving actor. We did many takes of that scene– and each time, I discovered new things: subtle nuances to the scene that I didn’t realize were there when I initially wrote the script. It’s a joy to work with these two actors.


JR: Many members of the Bear community can get sensitive about how Bears are portrayed in the media. How has the reaction to “BULK” been from the Bear community? Do people feel that the series is an accurate portrayal of Bears and those who love them?
JJC: I think that Bears do relate to “BULK” on many levels.  I don’t know if it is an accurate portrayal because everyone’s experiences are different, but it definitely is accurate of MY experiences.  My hope is that Bears connect with the material and from the feedback I’ve received.  It seems to be working. (Smiles)

JR: Sounds GRRR-eat!  So, it seems like in the last year there has been an explosion of visibility of Bear culture in the GLBT community at large, and it’s even spilling out into the mainstream media. As a visible member of the Bear community yourself, what do you believe is the most important issue facing Bears and bigger guys in 2013 and beyond?
JJC: Yes, there has been… and I think that it’s the changing tide of how gay men are represented in the media.   Gay men are not necessarily the punchline anymore, and I think that is why people are seeing images other than the usual stereotypes that are presented.   Not only Bears, but also lesbians and the transgender community as well.

JR:How true!  So, anything else you want to tell “BULK” fans?
JJC: We are so thankful and happy about the support we have received and continue to receive.  We have until March 1st to reach our goal of $12,000 for our Kickstarter campaign.  If we do not reach our goal, we will not receive any of the money already pledged… so we really need the support from our community.  If we are not successfully funded, we will not have the budget to continue the project.  We really hope the support continues to flow.   We are humbled by the generosity of the community thus far.  Thank you!

JR: You’re welcome! I can’t wait!
You can contribute to “BULK: Season 2” here:

You can see much more about “BULK” here:

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