Meet the two men of the new-to-DVD erotic drama “Capital Games”: Steve Miller and Marc Richfield.  Steve (Eric Presnall) is a former LAPD officer who traded his badge and nightstick for a career in advertising.  He’s handsome, he’s blond, and he apparently likes to work hard and play just as hard.  Mark (Gregor Cosgrove) is an equally easy-on-the-eyes Brit with a killer accent (Expect to hear a lot of “bloody’s” when he speaks…) and killer sense of style.  Mark is the flashy new man at the company.  When the two first meet, it’s not exactly love (or even “like“) at first sight: Mark steals Steve’s parking spot, and the their subsequent encounters in the competitive world of advertising quickly become a testosterone-fueled pissing contest.  Like two rival peacocks, the two men’s mutual vanities are always on the verge of colliding. Steve is a no-nonsense alpha male, and Mark is alternately seductive, snarky, and tempestuous with Steve.  A big shift in their relationship, however, occurs when their company goes on a so-called “team-building retreat” over the weekend in the hot California desert.  The two men find themselves accidentally stranded alone and lost, desperately seeking to stay warm when the temperature drops drastically at night. Hmmm…

Directed by Ilo Orleans and based on the erotic book of the same name by author G.A. Hauser, the astute viewer will likely know ahead of time where the film is heading as soon as we meet the two leading characters.  In other words, you can save the “Will they or won’t they?” and head straight for the “WHEN will they?”  But after that pivotal scene in the desert, the question we will likely be asking is… “Now what?”  Neither Steve nor Mark identify themselves as gay.  Steve, we learn, has had serious relationships with at least one woman.  Mark vehemently denies he’s gay and, in fact, he’s engaged to a model-like but seemingly high-maintenance woman named Sharon (Corrine Fox)– despite the fact that Mark also currently lives with an impossibly hunky, openly gay man named Jack (Shane Keough).  There are some very hot love scenes in the movie, although the more explicit bits of sex and nudity are very brief– almost subliminal.  The intensity comes not so much with what is shown but rather with the sexual tension between the two strong-willed, sexy leads of “Capital Games”.  It’s that sexual pressure cooker that drives the movie right up until the big climax: Mark’s wedding day. By that scene, the tension reaches a fever pitch.  The viewer will no doubt be delighted to take part in the excitement…

“Capital Games”
is now available on DVD.  Visit http://www.BreakingGlassPictures.com for more info.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of my first indie film. It's very much appreciated. (I will be filming my second movie next month, Naked Dragon, an interracial romance between a black LAPD cop and a white FBI profiler) Best, GA

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