THEATER REVIEW: MADE FOR EACH OTHER: One Actor. Four Characters. Endless Emotions. …and a little bit of Cole Porter!

One Actor.  Four Characters.  Endless Emotions.
 …and a little bit of Cole Porter!

In its relatively short running time of about one hour, Monica Bauer’s new theater piece “Made For Each Other” packs a real emotional wallop. Directed by John FitzGibbon and starring New York City actor John Fico, the Award-winning one-man show is basically a love story between two gay men: Jerry (a down-to-earth nurse) and Vincent (a closeted teacher).  It’s a comedy/drama with a touch of Cole Porter-inspired music and dance thrown in.  The play kicks off with Jerry proposing marriage to Vincent via the phone after the third date– prompting one of the men to shrewdly comment about whether gay men want to get married just to have pictures of themselves in matching tuxedos on Facebook. Indeed, the humor of “Made For Each Other” is based on the reality of relationships in 2014– which, as we all know, is not always a fairy tale. “Made For Each Other”, which opened on Valentine’s Day 2014 at New York City’s intimate Stage Left Studio, actually features Fico in four roles.  In addition to playing the roles of the two men contemplating the next stage of their relationship, he also plays Jerry’s beloved departed grandfather, as well as Vincent’s elderly mother– who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Both are important characters as well, and the play features some unique observations on how our departed (either in body or mind) loved ones may communicate with us in our daily lives.

John Fico is great fun to watch in all four roles.  Even the lighting, simple as it is, helps to fully develop the characters.  As Jerry, the restless male nurse, speaks about his new creative awakening, he is lit up like a beaming Broadway newbie hearing his first applause.  The laughs in “Made For Each Other” come from the honesty of the situations and the smartness of the dialogue.  Just when you think the play is going to drift into cliche, then– Presto!  It goes in another direction.  The surprises continue to the final scene, which is a stunner.

“Made For Each Other” continues at 214 W 30th Street, 6th floor, New York, NY 10001, on Fridays at 9PM.  You can buy tickets and get more information at for more info.     

(All photos by Katie Rosin.)

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