NATAS Honors TV’s Best and Brightest at 62nd Annual New York Emmy® Awards

IMG_1865IMG_1862IMG_2004On Saturday, May 4th, 2019, The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) New York Chapter presented the 62nd Annual Emmy® Awards and Gala at New York City’s famous Marriott Marquis in Manhattan’s Times Square. NATAS recognizes outstanding achievement, encourages the pursuit of excellence, and promotes the highest standard of quality in professional, technical, and personal achievement in the arts and sciences of television.  Out of 365 working days a year, the organization takes one special evening to bestow the industry’s classic and most coveted peer-recognition symbol of distinction: The Emmy®. In the words of NATAS President Denise Rover, the audience at the Broadway Ballroom at the Marriot Marquis on May 4th was, to re-state the obvious, “in exceptional company”.

The Emmy® has been one of the most recognized and most admired awards in American history throughout the decades. However, many people outside the media profession may not realize just how many of these prestigious Awards are given out each year. On this dazzling night of the TV industry’s brightest movers and shakers, there were 120 (!) Emmy® categories, with a whopping 587 Nominees. The Nominees encompassed talent from a wide range of media formats– from newscasts, to sports events, to entertainment programs, and everything in between. The Awards acknowledge and honor the creative personalities both in front of the camera and behind the scenes in an the diverse and ever-expanding realm of issues in 2019 and beyond: Health/Science. Religion. Children/Youth. Weather. Education. The Military. Societal Concerns. Arts. Entertainment. And that’s just scratching the surface!  The individuals and groups who were nominated and who won were a colorful and diverse representation of age, ethnicity, religion, culture, and creative vision– which did indeed mirror New York City’s own enviably unique tapestry.

The 62nd Annual Emmy® Awards and Gala, which was live streamed for the fourth consecutive year, opened with a welcome by Ms. Rover and an introduction by Marvin Scott, the Awards Committee Chair. And, yes, of course there was a live band: The New York Emmy® Orchestra, an ensemble of seven musicians. Nia Franklin, our 2019 Miss America, was the first in line of a stellar cast of Presenters for the evening. Later on, ABC7’s Eyewitness News received the New York Chapter Governor’s Award on the occasion of its 50th anniversary and to honor the program’s trailblazing and innovative contributions to television history.


The mission of The National Academy of Television Arts & Science (NATAS) New York Chapter is to conduct activities that cultivate, promote, and encourage understanding of, appreciation for, and public interest in the arts, crafts, and sciences of television. As a professional organization serving the New York area, NATAS endeavors to educate and act as a resource to its members and to the industry. They award the Emmy® for talent and ability in composition, creation, and performance of works which strive to improve the quality of television.  Visit for more information.


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