LEATHER & LACE at Albatross: A Wild Side of Pride!

Audrey Phoenix (@suddenlyaudrey) and Dean Dante (@thedeandante) celebrated the wild side of LGBTQ Pride at the popular Astoria, NY venue Albatross on Tuesday, June 22nd with their Leather & Lace Party. Leather & Lace was created by Dante “to celebrate and embrace all things Kink”. He hopes to showcase a different Kink with each future event. The night included the Unofficial Mx. Albatross 2021 Pageant, which was open to anyone of any gender expression, as well as raffle prizes and drink specials. The Special Guest Judge was Mr. Eagle NYC 2020/2021 Micheal Jeavons. Out of eight pageant contestants, the Winner of Mx. was Al (@spicypotathoe). The sponsors for the night were Scruff, Treasure Island Media, and Leatherman NYC. A New York local queer artist, Jamie Fay, donated some of his work as a raffle prize and will be doing an original piece for the Winner as well.

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