“CAMP MORNING WOOD” THE MUSICAL Continues– Naked and UN-Afraid!

Camp Morning Wood, one of the first off-Broadway productions to kick off the rebirth of live theater in New York City, has extended its original ten-show run! Simultaneously impressing critics and titillating its audiences with its very talented (and very nude…) cast of seven, the Very Naked Musical sold out many of its initial shows at the Chelsea hotspot Asylum

The show, however, was dealt a blow (and not the good kind…) when Facebook and Instagram inexplicably discontinued their ads earlier this week for being “pornographic”– severely limiting their ability to spread the word on social media. Despite this cock-blocking, the cast and crew promise to continue their red hot summer of love– with all the music, comedy, and nudity intact!  The show has planned three Protest Performances this weekend.  The shows feature Phoebe Jeebies as Host on Friday July 16th, Special Guests The Skivvies on Saturday July 17th, and returning Special Guest Sutton Lee Seymour on Sunday July 18th for “SunGay with Sutton”.  There is also a Camp Morning Wood: A Very Naked Musical soundtrack album in the works!

The cast and crew of the show is also reaching out to its fan base to get involved!  There are group discount rates and an opportunity for supporters to earn some extra cash by being a Camp Promoter.

If unapologetic, renegade queer art can survive a global pandemic, it can survive censorship! How can you help? Buy your tickets… and head off to Camp!

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