On Saturday, April 18, 2022, the popular eatery/cabaret hotspot Pangea celebrated the launch of If These Walls Could Talk, an Award-nominated weekly series hosted by Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss, on the Urban Broadcasting Company (UBC) TV Network and Glewed TVIf These Walls Could Talk is filmed on location at Pangea, located at 178 2nd Ave in Manhattan’s East Village.  The show can be watched live every Wednesday at 2 PM EST. The show is also available on the YouTube channels of both Wendy and Tym after its live broadcast.  If These Walls Could Talk was initially conceived and created by Ms. Stuart during the COVID pandemic. It is an upbeat, fun, and entertaining talk show that provides an in-depth look at the lives of a wide variety of colorful and talented personalities, both in New York City and beyond.  This includes representation from the worlds of art (Alexis Hunter), comedy (Ike Avelli), theater (Charles Busch), cabaret (Sue Matzuki), music (Randy Edelman, Coby Koehl, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, Felipe Rose of Village People, Scott Page of Pink Floyd, Kenny Aronoff of Smashing Pumpkins) New York City nightlife (Michael Musto, Penny Arcade, Kevin Aviance, Joey Arias, Richie Rich), and much more.    

The popularity of If These Walls Could Talk is entirely due to the vivacious personalities of Wendy Stuart and Tym Moss, both of whom are entertainers and influencers in their own right.  Wendy Stuart is a model, producer, entrepreneur, LGBTQ ally/advocate, full-time socialite, and author of the book She’s The Last Model Standing.  Tym Moss is an actor, writer, stage and radio host, producer, and LGBTQ activist. He has performed on seemingly every stage and/or venue in his beloved New York City, and has appeared in such LGBTQ-themed independent films as JUNK, Neon Boys, and Lady Peacock.

Attendees at Pangea that evening included Peggy Dodson from UBCTV Networks, Michael Musto, Ike Avelli, Coby Koehl, Robert Sosa, Joe Preston, Cecile Williams, Lady Clover Honey, Jack Phelan, Evan Laurence, Lottie Dah, Albert Crocus Pena, Cheryl Pierce, Nick Lion, Robi Poredos, CJ Rodgers, and Julia Davo.

One thing is for sure as we continue with 2022: These walls have a LOT more talking to do!

Watch The Golden Gays on If These Walls Could Talk on GlewedTV here.

Watch Michael Musto on If These Walls Could Talk on GlewedTV here.

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