After card carrying homophobe Carrie Prejean embarrassed the The Golden State during the 2009 Miss USA Pageant on April 19th, she found a new role, along with Sarah Palin, as prime masturbation material for the American far right.  (At last!  An attractive female right winger!!)  Those who kissed her oft-exposed ass thought they finally found a role model they could exploit for their anti-gay agenda.  Wrong.   After a couple of tumultuous months which included semi-nude photos, she was removed from her position on June 10th.  Persistent on blaming the gays for her troubles (always the desperate backup plan of right wingers…),  Prejean sued The Miss California USA pageant, claiming that it was her stance on gay marriage and “religious discrimination” that got her fired.  In actuality, it was her well-documented inability to meet the responsibilities of her title that got her booted.  On November 5th, the media learned that there is a Carrie Prejean sex tape floating around.  Faster than you can say “Satan was trying to tempt me!”, Prejean dropped her suit against the Miss California USA producers when confronted with the X-rated video. The vid is supposedly so graphic that even the usually bold TMZ.com can’t or won’t play even a few seconds of it, either online or on TV.  Sex tape or not, it’s Prejean’s very un-American prejudices that will ultimately melt this Wicked Bitch of the West.  The GLBT community, used to being judged for our sexuality, is almost unambiguously forgiving of stars who face sex scandals.  But Prejean’s persistent homophobia makes it impossible to feel even a little bit sorry for this bona fide bimbo. She makes Anna Nicole Smith look like Woman of the Year.  But look on the bright side, kids: Carrie Prejean’s filmed sexcapades, which will inevitably come out on DVD (I can’t wait NOT to see it.), will make a great gift for all those horny Republican hetero guys in your life.  It’s guaranteed to make them PRE-cum in their JEANs even more than Sarah Palin’s book!

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