Hey, guys… Need a good excuse to buy some new undies? Undergear, the company who sent you all those “International Male” catalogs through the years (Yes, they always somehow managed to find out where you lived, didn‘t they?), has introduced its official Keith Haring briefs and boxer-briefs. Instantly recognized all over the world, Haring’s work seems to be as youthful, fresh, and fun as ever in 2010. You know the Haring “look”, but the man behind the work had a story that was just as intriguing. Keith arrived in New York City at age 19 to study his craft. He soon made his name as one of the most self-styled artists and personalities in town, hanging with other pop culture figures like Madonna, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Often labeled as “pop art” or “graffiti art”, his inspiring and often-imitated signature style — bold lines, vivid colors, and unique way of showing movement in print– was simple but always got its message across. His work also explored some serious subjects. As an activist, Haring used his art to propel the “Silence=Death” message of Act Up, one of the groups who led the fight against a new threat called AIDS. He also addressed such subjects as apartheid and crack addiction with his work. Sadly, Haring’s life was cut short way too quickly, when the artist/activist succumbed to AIDS himself in 1990, at age 31. Prior to his death, Keith formed The Keith Haring Foundation to assist AIDS-related and children’s charities. Today, the Foundation continues to celebrate Keith’s vision of vitality and unity. The icon’s legacy continues to live on in other ways, including many exhibitions of his work and the 2008 must-see feature film “The Universe of Keith Haring“.

     Undergear offers both Haring boxer briefs and briefs. (Sorry, no jockstraps yet!) Proceeds will go to The Keith Haring Foundation, and Undergear is offering free shipping for all orders. Now, like Haring‘s artwork, every guy can make make a statement without even saying a word! (Although dropping your pants in public is only recommended in a few circumstances…) Visit for more info, and learn more about The Keith Haring Foundation at

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