DVD REVIEW: "Go Go Crazy"






If the title alone isn‘t titillating enough, then the subject matter sure is: those guys in abbreviated clothing who shake their booties and gyrate their man-baskets on stage for dollar bills. “Go Go Crazy” just may be the movie that so many of us have been waiting for: a film that bravely goes “behind the scenes“ and into the minds of those men who so eagerly exploit themselves for a willing audience. Or, perhaps, it’s a probing expose of the carnal human desires which these guys, in turn, expertly know how to cash in on.

Don’t expect either of those with “Go Go Crazy”. This movie plays it strictly for laughs. It was written and directed by Fred Caruso, Producer of the popular 2009 “The Big Gay Musical”. That movie was (obviously!) a musical, but it was also a comedy with a few serious touches. “Go Go Crazy” is a big gay farce with a little bit of “mockumentary” thrown in. The movie takes place at the fictional Club Voyeur in Philadelphia. Five go-go boys are fluffing themselves and oiling up in hopes of winning the, ahem… “envied” title of “Mr. Go Go Boy of Philadelphia” as well as a $1000 prize… oh, and a free drink ticket too. The emcee of the contest is omnipresent New York City drag queen Hedda Lettuce (“Project Runway”, “The Tyra Banks Show”). More about Hedda later… (I don’t mean to get so familiar so fast, but “Ms. Lettuce” just doesn’t sound right.) Throw in three judges: the opportunistic club owner (Rick Crom); a go-go boy-turned-adult film star (Jake Steel); and Tina Perkins (Christina Bianco), a postulating starlet who calls herself a “Celine Dion embodier”. And, last but not least, there are our five Speedo-wearing go-go boys.


We meet Kiernon (Michael Cusumano), a ballet dancer from Georgia (the former Soviet republic, not the Peach State…) with an accent that sounds like a castrated Borat. There’s cocksure Chase (Paul Cereghino), wide-eyed theater queen Ken (Eric Spear), musclehead Vinnie (Nick Kenkel, clearly aping one of the “Jersey Shore” boys), and militantly straight Connor (Ryan Windish), who stuffs his pants with a giant dildo that somehow gets stolen. Ooh, how the plot thickens (Pun clearly intended)! What all of these boys have in common, aside from all having really hot bodies, is that they all take themselves WAY too seriously as they ply their trade. Luckily, however, the viewer won’t likely take anything in “Go Go Crazy” too seriously, which is just the point. It’s silly fun… and, in addition, it’s surely a nice sight to see these boys work that pole. Hedda Lettuce essentially plays her dirty self, teasing the go-go boys (“Those were our five contestants, each one stupider than the last!”) and insulting everyone else in the cast as well, in addition to spouting lines like, “I’m moist like a Little Debbie snack treat right now!” and “My left nut’s about to pop out, so we gotta get this over with quickly!“ The gymnastic abilities of go-go boy Kiernon notwithstanding, the biggest display of talent in “Go Go Crazy” arguably comes with a musical performance by Christina Bianco… who does a very impressive job in channeling Ms. Dion. Give her credit. It can’t be easy for a lady to steal the spotlight– albeit temporarily — from a bunch of well-built, narcissistic guys in their briefs…

“Go Go Crazy” is now available on DVD.


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